Leader's Speech

Learning, progress and innovation are the essence of our corporate culture in Changzhou Qihua Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. It is under the encouragement of this spirit that we keep up with the pace of market development, constantly adjust and optimize the business structure, so that our products can maintain the leading position in the domestic market.
After years of development, we have accumulated a wealth of management experience, and our partners are involved in many areas. We will make full use of and play to our own advantages, and establish strategic partnerships with more manufacturers.
We always pay attention to market development trends and market hotspots, while maintaining our traditional business advantages, we continue to explore new business areas. Taking traditional advantageous businesses as the cornerstone, vigorously promote the development of new businesses, making them the company’s main business and profit growth point. Our partners will also receive more abundant resource support. We will work closely with our partners and work together.
Looking forward to the future, opportunities and challenges coexist. We will meet the challenge, seize the opportunity, and move forward to the goal of becoming a domestic excellent brand!

Contact: Miss. Zhang
Tel: 0519-88407260
Address: Lucheng Industrial Park, Changzhou City

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