Big fire tube electric singeing machine
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Big fire tube electric singeing machine

Model and specification: JFSM/D270
Effective working width: 200~1900mm
Cloth transport speed: 20~110m/min
Cylinder specifications: ∮270×2530
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1. The main features of the equipment

1. The JFSM/D270 electric cylinder singeing machine uses industrial power supply as kinetic energy, adopts a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving material silicon carbon rod as the electric heating source, and iron-nickel-chromium alloy cylinder as the heated combustion body. The outer diameter of the fire cylinder is 270mm, and the cylinder has 4 straight silicon carbide rods with a diameter of 40mm. And the cold end and heating zone of the cylinder are protected.

2. We fully apply the characteristics of silicon carbide rods to product research and development. Silicon carbide rods have the characteristics that their semiconductors are much higher than the resistance of metal conductors. When the temperature rises at 800 to 1000 degrees, the higher the resistance, the lower the resistance (the process temperature of the singeing machine is in this range), so it is obvious The energy-saving effect. The heat transfer of the silicon carbide rod is radiant heat conduction, and its heat value is less than 3% in the radiation cavity.

3. According to the principle of radiative heat conduction of silicon carbide rods, we have improved the material and structure of the cylinder, and revised the alloy ratio of the cylinder iron, copper, nickel, and chromium. The external structure and wall thickness of the cylinder are in accordance with the heat conduction requirements. After precise calculations and repeated tests, improvements have been made to make the cylinder heat evenly and quickly conduct heat and less heat loss, ensuring that the cylinder cavity is a saturated melt of silicon carbide heating radiation, and the calorific value of singeing can be completely completed during the singeing process. make up.

4. The fire cylinder of the original fuel singeing machine is completely naked, and its singeing working surface is only 20% of the cylinder body, and a considerable part of the calorific value will be lost in the singeing. This equipment is equipped with a heat preservation box under the cylinder singeing to keep 70% of the non-working surface of the cylinder warm, so that the temperature of the cylinder body is maintained within the set process temperature for a long time during work, and the silicon carbide rods are reduced. Frequent temperature adjustment, its power saving effect is obvious.

5. The heat source of the traditional fuel cylinder singeing machine is burning diesel, which consumes about 30Kg of diesel per hour, and the combustion chimney emits 45 cubic meters of carbon dioxide and other gases and PM particles. Electric singeing does not have any other fuel, so the emission of singeing combustion gas is eliminated in the singeing, and there is no need to discharge a chimney.

6. The electrical system of this equipment is fully designed according to the principle of singeing and the characteristics of silicon carbide rods. The whole process is intelligently controlled. When the set temperature is in the range of 800 to 1000 degrees, the actual power consumption of silicon carbide rods is less than 70%, which is greater Save power consumption. The unique circuit design ensures that the equipment is stable, reliable, and convenient and safe to operate.

7. In the process of equipment development, we have fully considered the transformation of the original singeing machine by the printing and dyeing company. This equipment does our best to design the box according to the original fuel cylinder singeing machine structure, and its mechanical transmission line can not be changed. Only the singe main unit is replaced. The transformation cost is only one-fifth of the whole machine, and the transformation time is only 3 days. It not only gives full play to the role of the old equipment, but also reduces production costs, improves product quality, and eliminates singeing fuel emissions, which has multiple application effects.

2. The main technical indicators of the equipment:

Model and specification JFSM/D270

Effective working width 200~1900mm

Cloth transport speed 20~110m/min

Cylinder specifications ∮270×2530

Silicon carbide rod combination 2×2×∮40

Room temperature on the surface of the fire cylinder 900~1000℃

Installed capacity 105 KW

3. Comparison of similar equipment

Compared with the conventional fuel cylinder singeing machine and gas burner singeing machine, this equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption, high surface temperature, small temperature difference, high singeing grade, no environmental pollution, and good equipment stability. Compared with conventional singeing machines, singeing of the same variety can save as much as three-fifths of the production cost.

Energy consumption ratio (RMB / M)
production process electric energy singeing fire tube singeing burnishing
process temperature (degree) 800~950 750~850 700~800
vehicle speed (M / min) 20~110 40~110 20~90
Ergonomics (each time) positive or negative positive or negative positive or negative
singeing grade (grade) 4.5~5 4 4
heat source industrial power No.0 diesel gas
calorific value utilization rate% 97 75 80
0.012~0.025 0.06~0.07 0.05
emissions (hours) none 45 cubic meters of carbon dioxide gas with smoke

Note: The electricity, diesel and gas prices in the above table are national benchmark prices in October 2010

Generally, dyeing factories normally produce 50,000 to 60,000 meters of cloth per day for singeing. If the cost of singeing per meter is 0.05 yuan, the production cost can be saved by 2,500 to 3,000 yuan per day and the emission of 450 cubic meters of carbon dioxide gas can be reduced.

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